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Diploma in Public Relations

To join this course you should be over 18 years of age and have a good command of the English language.

Thinking of a career in Public Relations?
Ever thought about working in PR? It's a very dynamic industry. Your days will always be varied. You might be briefing clients about how to handle crisis PR or issuing press releases to attract media attention. You could be coordinating creative ideas and booking photographers for photo-shoots, or pitching ideas and scripts for television programs and corporate videos. You might be working with business, financial, political or celebrity clients - or possibly a mix of all. You could be organizing and attending functions. You might be traveling a lot, depending on the type of PR you get into. You could be the spokesperson for the organization which means that you are the person who is interviewed on radio and television. You will live with a mobile phone permanently switched on so that media can reach you when it suits them. If you are looking for a fast-paced, dynamic, varied and interesting career in communications, then look no further than Public Relations.

What will you learn?
This PR course gives you a good understanding of what Public Relations is all about. It will explain the difference between public relations, publicity, advertising and all of the other things that it gets confused with! You will learn how to write good, publishable press releases, and organize photo-calls to generate media publicity. You will discover the secrets of successful sponsorship and the rules for participating in an exhibition.

You will learn how to organize functions, and write ezines and newsletters. You will study corporate image and corporate identity (two different things) and learn about handling crisis PR. You will learn how to work as an in-house press officer. When you graduate, you will have highly marketable skills which you can use in voluntary organizations, PR departments or consultancy services.

A PR professional helps and guides you every step of the way
From the time you join the course, a working PR professional is appointed as your tutor. This is someone with vast experience of the industry, who earns their living from public relations practice and will share insights and advice with you, and offer practical help and assistance with your assignments.

An Academy course is different because our tutors work in the business every day, and give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Course Modules

Course Costs

Item Cost in Euro
Diploma in PR  €1850.00
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