Vast career options for communication and media graduates in the GCC

As the GCC countries continue to diversify their economies, there is also a notable increase in the establishments of media and communication companies. The growing mass media consumption is magnifying the roles of media and communications, making them bigger than they were before. This in effect also increases the significance of mass communication studies as it provides foundation and skills needed for the industry.

Communication and media studies are sometimes viewed as one, but they are not. Communication studies is understanding and exploring forms of human communications in all environment and context. It provides a foundation for various disciplines such as public relations, advertising, marketing, journalism, as well as media studies. Media studies is focused on practical and theoretical preparations for various media careers. Both fields affect our social, cultural, political and economic lives.

In this digital age, more options are made available for those interested in taking up a course on communication and media studies. Students can now take up online PR courses, online journalism courses, among others. Various online platforms like Orient Planet Academy offers courses on public relations, journalism, grammar, and event management. While there is a debate surrounding the difference of experience gained thru physical classroom setups versus online classes, this option does not reduce the value of online courses. Enrolling in an online diploma course proves to be beneficial in terms of cost, time, and quality of learning. But the debate about online and offline courses is irrelevant. After all, what matters is learning how to communicate effectively, how to create impactful messages and deliver them strategically.

One of the most vibrant field of communication is media. Media students are being honed to be wise media consumers as well as responsible content creators. A responsible content creator is one who recognizes the cultural sensitivities of its target audience. For example, in the Arab world, media students and practitioners need to create content that respect the values and social norms in the region. Critical thinking is taught and encouraged in media studies. Students learn to critically assess information, present political and ideological messages, help understand the public and what they want, compel members of communities to think and act, explain how things work, among others.

Oftentimes, we forget the importance of effective communication in media. Hence, media students are required to enhance their communication skills for responsible media content. Journalism students are trained not just to write but rather to be effective, creative, and skilled journalists. Media studies gives importance on how to cultivate a strategic communication pattern among students so that they can navigate the verbal and non-verbal environment that surrounds them and become more critical thinking consumers and producers of media content.

Similar with other degrees, the next question for students is ‘where should I work after media and communication studies?’ Given how diverse media and communication fields are and how big the GCC job markets are, there is flexibility in career selection. Graduates in these fields can pursue employment in areas such as marketing and advertising, journalism, public relations, non-profit and government, communications consulting, and broadcast media, to name a few. The Middle East is becoming a haven for media and communication companies, there is no limit of job options in these industries.

These two studies are crucial as they encourage critical thinking about political, philosophical, cultural, psychological and economic impacts of media in this modern society. And that is one of the much-needed skills today.

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